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Re: synovitis

twa...i have found no more info on synovitis..i was just to another orthopedist,this past week.i had had another mri done on my right leg/knee.

bone doc seem
s to think it is(pain) something called" post sympathetic dystrophy"..has to do with not healing after surgery,and nerve's in the leg/knee.

i have started garthering info on this.(rsd) i had never heard of this.but seem's to fit my symtom's..if you would like the info,my email is [ please read the posting rules - no emails ] this could be your problem..

please pardon my misspelling and grammar..this has been a very painful , sleepless day's..

mri does show this"rsd". sorta shaded,dark spot on the bone's..i am now getting an appiontment for a bone scan.hopefully this will have some answer's....

hope and pray ,for you to be pain free....gary

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