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new to board - fighting a meniere's battle

I just found this board and was reading some threads, but couldn't find anyone with my story yet. So, I thought I'd post and see if anyone has been down this road.
I have Meneire's that onset with the birth of my daughter in 1995. Went into remission in Jan 1997, symptoms returned in Feb 2004. During my remission I felt perfect: no symptoms, normal diet, no meds.
I started the low salt thing again. Then, I deteriorated quickly and began having 2-3 hr. vertigo attacks with some serious nausea. I take valium which started helping less and less during full blown attacks. My ent put me on a diuretic which helped some but still had some bad attacks. Then i think i made a mistake: I went ahead with (sorry I don't know medical terms) putting the wick through the eardrum to administer gentamycin. At first it seemed to help but after one week of treatment i started getting some spinning and balance problems, but not full blown attacks. My ent had me do the full 3 weeks of gentamycin treatment and then said that was all he was allowed to do. He pulled the wick 10 days ago. For a few days I would be okay with an occasional feeling of being off balance. But now, for the last 6 days I have been constantly off balance and things are turning slowly, and occasionally moderately spinning. Thank God not bad enough to have me flat out on the floor and there is little to no nausea. It seems like it is never going to stop. My ent told me he had done all he could for me and referred me to Phila******a. Unfortunately the doctor in Philly can't see me until July. I do need to go back to my ent for him to check if the hole in my eardrum is closing. Right now his office has been closed for a few days and I'm waiting until he open tomorrow to contact him.
Right now I feel like the gentamycin did some damage but not enough to kill off my balance in that ear like it was supposed to do. But, i'm also wondering now if I'm just getting water in my ear because the hole is not closed yet.
I guess I'm just trying to find someone who may have had a similar experience. My ent is not much help right now because he has never had this treatment not work on someone, and he had never had a patient who has gotten any worse than i am now.
Thanks for any help or support you can give me.
Oh, another thing, I've noticed you use a lot of abbreviations for medical terms here. I don't know what they mean, is there a list of definitions or something?
Thanks again.

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