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Re: new to board - fighting a meniere's battle

thanks for all the replies and welcomes. yes, the philly web site for UPenn is where i'm going. thanks for posting this, it had some interesting info in it (like the gentamicin can get rid of the vertigo attacks but not necessarily the imbalance. sigh).
another woman in my church congregation went through this 2 years ago and had the same treatment, only she had the gentimicin shot once a week for 4 weeks, and i had the wick with the 3x a day drops for 3 weeks. her vertigo and imbalance was completely cured, but she did lose her hearing in the affected ear. the drop technique was developed to try to save the hearing. at this point if a couple of good direct shots would finish off the job i'd be happy to lose the hearing, since it is more than 50% gone in that ear anyway.
the docs in philly are suppose to be really good but gee, I have to wait over three months get in!
i do go down there for a balance test in april 26 (but no doctor visit). it will be interesting to see what that shows. when i made the appt., they said if the balance test shows i need physical therapy, i can get that in the mean time, to which I replied, "i live 1.5 hours away, i don't think PT is going to be happening down there!"
it's all very frustrating because i feel like i'm fighting the clock along with the disease. meanwhile driving is not always possible, i have a 9 year old to be functional for, and to top it off, i'm supposed to graduate from community college in May after 3 years of hard work. now i may not even be able to put my education to use. oh and did i mention i have ringing in my "good" ear now? ugh.
sorry for all the venting. i just haven't had many folks to talk to about this. i guess at this point i'm looking for a miracle. sorry to go on like this, i'll try to be more cheerful next time.