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Sore on Opening of Penis??? Herpes???

I've had something that looks like a tiny little puffy blister with a somewhat brown center on the left side of the opening of my penis for about 6 months hasn't ever healed but it hasn't gotten any worse either....

It's not really that painful, but occasionally it will rub against my boxers and it does feel a little sensitive...

I've also experienced slight itching and tingling on the inside of the end of my penis and some mild discomfort while urinating...I would describe the discomfort as it sort of feels like my urethra is tighter and there is less room for the urine to flow though...not really painful in the normal sens of the word...and the discomfort comes and goes....

I just went to the doctors to get blood drawn to find out if its an STD, but I was hoping someone could tell me if it sounds like something they are familiar with....

I had Clamidya a few years ago, but with that the burning and itching were much more intense, and there were no sores or bumps, so I don't think I have it again...just feels totally different

I guess part of me is worried that it could be herpes but my understanding is that herpes usually comes with more than one sore, and the sore wouldn't normally stay the exact same for half a year like mine has...I'm not certain on this but this is what I found when researching it online

hopefully someone can provide some insight


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