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Wink If anyone needs help, I am here.

If anyone requires a through reading of their complex immune system test or CBC count or anything relating to CFIDS or CFS or Fibro,please let me know.

I been dealing with this stuff for a while and have read so much stuff and been with many immunologist doctors who are doing research in CFIDS..

What I recommend everyone should do is get a Natural Killer cell test w/ Lympocyte panel (Natural killer test includes in that) . Also get a CMV and HHV 6 test done..

Most Fatigue w/ CFIDS is cause by lack of Natural killer cell and our immune system shifing Immunity with T1 and T2.

Normal people have High active T1 and Low active T2.

CFIDS or CFS patients are high active T2 and low active T1.

IT means, CFIDS patient do not always get sick with common cold, but they get allergic to lot of stuff.

Please ask your doctors for Entire Lympocyte Panel ... Not All regular MD will order the test because it requires a immunologist to read it and understand the test..

If you like, you can post your results here and I can tell them for you.


Garlic works much better for CFIDS patient... Take around 1000 - 2000 mg of Garlic Tablet and 1000 -200 mg of Vitaminc C.

Do it everyday for 60 days and you will see the difference.

Also, read more on Dr. Cheny, who does extensive research on CFIDs.

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