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Hey Jarhead, and I say that with a brother veteran's respect, I hope you are able to keep your life in check despite some of the problems you have to deal with. I know PTSD is a tough row to hoe, especially for military veterans. I have to deal with it, too.

I'm a Vietnam Era Air Force Security Police vet - that's right, an Airdale - and a mighty proud one at that. I'm 100% disabled since 1978 when I got out. I do a lot of veteran's assistance (advocacy) from outside the VA via veteran National Service Organizations like DAV, American Legion, and through grass roots veteran organizations, too.

If you don't mind me asking brother, what brought on your PTSD? What kind of issues are you dealing with? Have you enrolled in your local VA clinic PTSD Outreach program? If so, how long have you been involved and what's your progress status? How is your family handling your bouts with PTSD? Is your PTSD also effecting your physical health through substance abuse, physical health neglect (not eating right, not exercising, etc)? Are you caught up in activity that might increase your stress level and your ability to manage it or with it (job, compounding disabilities, child custody battles, etc)? Do you have a VA disability rating? If so, is your PTSD a part of that rating? If not, we've got to work on getting you in the system; a long & maddening process but not impossible.

You're a brother veteran - I'm already in your corner. If I can be of any help to you here at this website in any way, shape or form, speak up. No matter what service branch of the DoD you were a part of, no matter what MOS you had, you and I are a part of a brother/sisterhood of military vets that's a few million strong. We gotta help each other, one-on-one at ground zero if need be, and who better to help a vet than a fellow vet?

Take care, bro. Let's hear back from you soon.