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Re: Sore on Opening of Penis??? Herpes???

Lets start with I am not a GUY!!!!! But I know a lot about genital herpes. Any sore,bump anything abnormal that lingers on and on most definitly isn't herpes. More than likely it is a infected follicule or infected gland of some sort. These are both very common on the penis. You are doing the righ thing by visiting your dr. in order to rule it out but I wouldn't be too worried about herpes.

A typical herpes lession will start as a bump red in color then form into a blister filled with clear or yellow fluid, then it will break open and form a open lession, then it will scab ( usually only scap on dry not moist skin ) heal and go away untill the next ob. Now note that all people don't get the typical lessons but if they do this is the coarse it will take. You would probably have some sort of other symptom also tingling, itching, burning, soreness, pain where the ob is going to occur.

Hope this helps