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Re: How long have you had FMS/or CFS? & ?

1) how long?

I would say around twenty years it seemed to kick in around the first time i was pragnent (at 18). I had very few days in those 8 months when i didnt have a migrain, i was really happy to not go into my ninth month. and other achs and pains seemed to follow soon after.

2) Whats the longest period of good days?

well from what i have noticed that seems to depend on how meny days in a row i can get my boss to give me off.
i noticed a few times when i've had a week off such as when i stayed home with my daughter when she had the flu, by the end of the week i was feeling a lot better then most days,
however the day i went back to work by end of the day i was back in so much pain it brang tears to my eyes. I had my boss cut me back on hours so i bring home only what i need to get by. now i work about every other day.
although im still in daily pain, i dont seem to loose compleate use of arms wrists and leggs, knees. for days at a time like i used to. I was so board at home that i had her put me back on full time a dealt with it the best i could for a couple weeks, and used the money for a pc so i wouldnt go nuts sitting around the house. Im greatfull to the pc, but i dont think i could do it again, cause that was one of the worst weeks id ever had by the time it was done.
from what i understand you just have to learn your limits and not over due it.
dont know if that really answers you.

3)treatments helping?

Hmm well I just found out for sure that its FMS however Im one of those that are very very sensitive to drugs. most of them have tryed sence they have thought it might be FMS have left me with hot flashes and running to the bathroom sick the second they have hit my bloodstream. then i nomally spend the next half of the day laying wrapped in a blanket laying on the floor in the bathroom so sick to my stomach that i just finally fall asleep there, its a good thing i have a two bathroom apt. im at the point that im getting very scared of trying anymore meds.(and im already aware, of a few things ive been givin in the past for other things that im very allergic to. that have landed me in the hospital) so the idea of trying one thing after the other to get help scares me. and so far the no good results have come of it. yet at the same time you cant sit around and do nothing about it, so i guess i keep trying.