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Natural Antibiotic for Young Child?

Hi. I have an almost 2 year old son that seems to get a lot of bacterial infections. In fact, he gets them so much that his pediatrician prescribed him 3 months worth of chewable amoxicillin! First, I think that's a ridiculously huge over-precription that's just begging for my son to build an immunity to antibiotics, and second, my son gets horrible diarrhea from the antibiotics, even when supplemented with acidophilus.

I'm wondering if anyone might have a recommendation for a natural antibiotic. I can get him to eat fresh garlic sometimes, but not really enough for it to have the desired effect. Also, I've heard honey can be helpful, but I haven't found that it works. Of course, maybe I'm not buying the right type of honey.

If anyone has had experience with a natural antibiotic (that's also kid friendly) that has worked, I'd be overjoyed to know what it was. Or if anyone knows a way to get around the diarrhea when taking prescribed antibiotics, that info would also be very helpful.

Also, I'd really appreciate any suggestions for a natural cough remedy.


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