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Spring has sprung...and so has my asthma!

Since the day after Easter Sunday, I've been having my all too familiar issues again. It's been a decent winter, I guess...I only had chest tightness when we had really cold days (we had a lot, but still, I knew it was attributed to that). I have mold and dust allergies too, but they seemed quieter during the winter.

Now that the spring season is kicking in, I'm beginning to be miserable. I've had terrible sinus headaches for about 2 weeks, I finally switched over from Tylenol Sinus (severe congestion, didn't work much!) to 12 Hour Sudafed. I took that yesterday and today, and I don't feel so much pressure in my head. So, either the Sudafed really works better, or it's just that it was about to clear up anyway with all the other meds.

I've also been taking my Allegra, Nasacort spray, and QVar inhaler EVERY MORNING before this warmer weather came around. I was hoping that would prevent me from getting all these symptoms, but apparently not. I've also been needing my albuterol just about every day these last 2 weeks. This troubles me, because what the hell am I taking all that **** for if it's not going to prevent the chest tightness and sinus headaches??? I'm going to the allergist Monday to follow up with him on some things, the meds, etc.

So, is this how it's always going to be, or maybe I'm not taking the right combination of medicines? I hate the thought of trying new stuff and having it get worse instead of better, but I guess there is no other way to find out.

Also, as I said the weather here has been nice the last few days. But yesterday I was pretty much fine all day at work...I left work, was outside for maybe 15 minutes. Then drove to get some food with my car windows open, then had dinner. By the time I was done with dinner, I felt all short of breath and had to use the albuterol. I so wanted to sleep with my window open because we don't have the AC on yet, but I didn't want to chance it. does an allergy-riden/asthmatic EVER get to enjoy fresh spring air? Do I have to always be secluded in germ-infested air conditioning whenever possible? Or is it just that the pollen count and humidity are exceptionally high these few days and it won't always be this bad.

Oh and one more thing, I'm taking a plane trip in mid-June to CA. Good thing I researched it because apparently, being up in the air can greatly affect asthma. Any tips for that?

Thanks, sorry this is long...just needed to vent (as usual) and ask some questions (as usual). I'm about to head out in the spring air...wish me luck, hah.

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