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Re: Life after SIDS..


Thankyou for your post.

It has in fact been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with.

I was actually a single mom with my first child and that seemed to make everything even more worse.

The fact that you are aware of SIDS is very comforting. Alot of people brush it off until it hits close to home. Being an aware parent is all one can do..
Unfortunately, there are not enough explanation for SIDS.

The Angel monitor I have heard is very effective. My daughter slept with me and still does.. (she is two)
It was my only way of "protecting" my daughter now.
Eventually she will have to move to her own bed, I was thinking 18 yrs old?
(I might be able to sleep at night then)
hehe ;-)

If you ever need to talk or advice, let me know.

May God Bless your baby and you.

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