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Re: Life after SIDS..

Hi Rebecca,
I am so sorry for your loss I am a SIDS mom also. My little girl would have been 16 years old this September. You are so right when you say you will never be the same person. My daugthers death made me a much different person. I am stronger and live each day as if it could be the last. It made me a better mom to my boys and a better wife to my husband. She was a gift that taught me lessons.

The one thing I did want to point out to new parents reading these posts. Is bed sharing... I know that it is so tempting to keep our babies close but what research is finding is that many babies who co-sleep with adults or older children are accidently sufficated. In the state I live in we have a program called "Beds for Babies" to promote babies sleeping in there own crib. It has reduce deaths of babies co-sleeping by almost fifty percent. This is also promted by the American Pediatrics Association.

Again so sorry about your loss.

Carrie Ann's Mom

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