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What is going on???

Okay I am 10 1/2 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy. Acouple of weeks ago I had the nauseas feeling all the time, very tired and of course crabby with everyone which I know is all normal seeing that I am in my first trimester. Well since than I have gotten worse meaning that I am really really sick all the time. I cannot even think of soda without getting sick to my stomach. I ahve had troubles leeping even and having a hard time even taking my prenatal vitamin or brushing my teeth. The only thing I am able to drink is lemonade. Its just weird how everything is getting worse when I think it should be getting better right? I have only thrown up a few times but mostly its just sick to my stomach where I know I can throw up but don't allow myself to do so. This is really hard on me seeing I already have a 5 yr. old to look after and its making me crabby which my husband doesn't appreciate at all. Has anyone else going through this or can anyone reccommend anything at all. I am really desperate right now.Any advice would be great.

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