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Lightbulb Re: What is going on???

It is a misconception that morning sickness only happens in the first trimester...this is not true, it can happen any time during pregnancy..for some unfortunate women, it does not go away until they deliver..but this is not the case all the time, and usually it does taper off eventually once your body gets used to the idea of a baby growing inside of u...I know how you feel, i am 25 weeks pregnant and all the first trimester, even into my second..i was so so so so so sick..i cannot express how sick i was..even going to get groceries was so friend had to come with me, because just looking at the food on the shelves made me so ill..and i have a 2 year old daughter to take care of, so i know too well how it feels, and i sympathize with u!!......but if it is affecting your everyday life, you can be prescribed Diclectin..which was my savior with this pregnancy..and it is completely safe in pregnancy, women have been taking it for stopped my nausea, and i was finally eating better..ask your doctor, i ma sure s/he heard of this before.....

Take Care..and i hope u r feeling better


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