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Re: Sudden Sharp chest pains, wth is this?

Originally Posted by jarhd1775
I have been screening these msg boards however, I cannot find anyone else who has the exact symptoms I have. At least once a day I have an unexplained, sudden sharp chest pain in my left side. These attacks last about 1-2 seconds and they feel like my heart is stopping. Nothing i do seems to bring them on and the vary at times when they occur, mornings and nights but I have never been woken from one in my sleep. I think about it all day long and it has really been stressing me out lately. I feel like i am dying from heart disease or something. It almost feels as thou i can bring them on myself if i concentrate on them to much. They dont last long but man they are scary. They hit me out of the blue and it is always on my left side. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Background stuff: 41 year old male. Very active. ht. 71 in wt. 170lbs smoker (1/2 pk a day) run on avg 9 miles each week. recent Marine retiree transitioning to civillian after 22 years of service.
If you can run 9 miles each week without experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath I would say there's a good chance that it's not heart disease however, what you describe sounds similiar to the coronary artery spasms that I was having before my blockage was diagnosed. The fact that it causes you to feel as if you are dying from heart disease is a concern as well. If you've been smoking for some time and if your lipid levels (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) are not in good shape the pains you describe could be a symptom of some coronary artery disease occuring. Certain times of the day the coronary arteries narrow down a bit and it may be that during those times your heart is not getting a sufficient supply of oxygen. It really is worth checking into. 41 is not too young to have heart disease. I was 41 myself and not a smoker. I am female and although I didn't exercise like you do I was not a couch potato either.