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So when does the weight come off?

Ok, so I've started exercising. I desperately need to lose weight. Just for myself, I've never weighed this much in my life, and am going crazy.

So, I am walking, on a treadmill, for my exercise. In a magazine I read there was a little plan sketched out, so I thought it would be easiest if I just follow it, so I will have something to go on.

It starts out with walk one mile for week one.
Two miles week two.
Three to four mile weeks 3-6.

Six days a week.

So after week one of doing one mile everyday, the scale says I've lost nothing. How depressing. Should I have lost, or should I be thinking I need to do more miles than suggested to see a loss?
I got mad today so I walked almost 4 miles, wanted to speed up the process.

Should I do more miles a day than suggested? Any thoughts from anyone?

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