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Re: So when does the weight come off?

Well, I should have known I was trying to make it too easy.

Thank you for the advice. My diet has remained pretty consistent thru life, I'm not that big of an eater, but maybe since they say metabolism slows down with age, that is what has happened.
I guess my biggest problem is drinking too much pop (or currently ice tea). I knew I was gonna have to do something about that, but it is hard. I will see what I can do there.

I guess I thinking about with dieting they say you should lose a couple pounds a week, so I just assumed the same for exercising.
Maybe I will have to go the whole six weeks before knowing what to do, I just hate to think I should be walking more now, and not being doing it.
But the plan was built to start you slowly, and I didn't want to overdo it, thinking I will get tired of it faster if I don't work my way into it.

Will see what I can do with diet. Thank you.