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Re: I'm lost. I want to be free

Originally Posted by ManApart
So far as loving myself? I dunno. Theres nothing to love. Otherwise, someone would. I wouldn't hate myself so much if the world didn't give me every reason to.
Dont know much about quotes except that a friend told me to F the world. I was bullied a bit, Beat up and got a scare down my left arm to prove it. The world is sad superfical place, something we cant change. But we can change how we feel about ourseleves, though it isnt easy in anyway. There is plenty to love in everyone, except Satan if u believe in him. And people dont give some the chance to show that.
I bet that you would have tons of friends, were the world not so stuck up and vain. But like Rfus, i bet i would be your friend, like many people here, no matter what u look like. Not everyone is focused on appearance, just to many people who make the world seem that way.

Geez im late for bed Gotta go