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Re: I'm lost. I want to be free

Man, Think about it a little and see if you can tell me what it means to you. It is a very powerful and famous quote.

Have you ever seen the movie Mask with Cher. Its worth a watch If you haven't. On the less serious side the movie Shallow Hal speaks of inner beauty.

And when you go to rent one of these or some other movie, buy a big silly hat that you would never see yourself wear and some oversized sunglasses. Walk down the street with your shoulders back and chin high, taking big strides. Think of how silly you look, and then think about how great it is that you don't care what the vain people think. I would put on a silly hat and glasses too, and walk alongside you (if I could walk right now). We would be cool.

I really think you need to give up on the questions that don't have answers. They killed me. Asking my ceiling why or what if everynight was no help. Negativity is like cancer. Once it starts it feeds itself and kills everything else. Think about how easy it is for you to be negative, and how hard it is to be positive. Its like those aholes who were always mean. It was so easy for them to be mean, and so hard for them to be nice. They are the cancer. If you let them in then

Think about the no mind thinking no thoughts about no things. This peace you hope to obtain is obtainable in many ways.