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Do i have Chronic Fatigue and not Lyme disease?

Hello CFS forum!

I am 23 years old and have had symptoms since i was 12 years old
I have been tested negative for Lyme Disease with the ELISA test. And the doctor i talked with thought i have Chronic Fatigue so now im posting my symtoms here..

I have read a list of symptoms on a lyme disease site and copied the ones i have..

Symptoms i got at age 12 that haven't gone away:
Swollen glands in the neck
Neck stiffness
Drooping eyelid
Photophobia, oversensitivity to light
Clumsiness or coordination difficulties
Sleep disturbances
Concentration difficulties

Symptoms that went away after 6 months only to recur at age 16:
Blurry vision
Visual acuity decreased
“Brain fog”
Disconnected feeling

Symptoms i got at age 16:
Blurry vision
Visual acuity decreased
“Brain fog”
Disconnected feeling
Twitching of facial or other muscles
Visual acuity decreased
Backache, back pain,(when i go to bed and lay down i allways have a pain in the lower back)
Abdominal distention
Urinary problems, Irritable bladder; trouble starting/stopping; frequent urination; voiding dysfunction.
Chest pain (short stabbing pains lasting only seconds)
Pseudotumor cerebri, pressure in head
Vertigo, The sensation of dizziness. A confused, disoriented state of mind.
Walking – difficulty/ataxia
Emotional lability (overly emotional reactions)
Mood changes
Panic attacks/panic disorder (have only had panic disorders)
Rage or violent outbursts

Symptoms i got at age 22:
Fever (for just a few minutes, unless i go for a walk in wich case it lasts much longer)
Memory impairment/word retrieval difficulties
Hair loss (alopecia)

Symptoms i have that are not listed on the site:
sweathy cold feet
cold hands
heavy and high pulse without any exercise
dry eyes
sensitivity to alcohol

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