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Re: Do i have Chronic Fatigue and not Lyme disease?

Sleepygonzales, how are you...we spoke before on the Lyme Disease forum. I've looked over your list of symptoms and it looks to me like there is a chance you might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not Lyme Disease. Let me ask you a couple questions...

When you first became ill, did it occur very suddenly with flu like symptoms or did it take a long period of time to develop?

I noticed that you have listed malaise/lethary/fatigue as some of your symptoms. Do you also have "post-exertional malaise" meaning does your fatigue and malaise increase dramatically after physical activity/exercise/difficult mental tasks/stressful events?

Do you have peculair sensitivities to medications/herbs/caffeine? Not necessarily allergic reactions but do you find that the side effects are greatly exaggerated?

Have you seen a neurologist and/or had an MRI done to rule out Multiple Sclerosis or any other brain abnormality?

Have you had your Thyroid and other hormone levels checked?

Have you been tested for other infections like EBV and HIV?

Have you had a sleep study done and/or do you take sleeping pills?

Were your doctors able to rule out Depression/Anxiety as your primary diagnosis meaning that your illness isn't only psychological in nature?

Thanks, all this information will definitely help me...

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