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Re: Do i have Chronic Fatigue and not Lyme disease?

Sleepygonzales, the purpose of asking those questions is to really help make sure that you have ruled out all other possible illnesses you may have. I feel that it is a great idea to have been tested for almost every possible cause for your symptoms before you would settle on a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis and leave it at that.

This includes making sure that you don't have any primary sleep abnormality (as a sleep study would detect), abnormal brain growths or functioning (as would an MRI and/or SPECT brain scan would be able to detect), any other possible infections, abnormal hormone levels (as would a series of specific blood tests could detect), or heart defect or abnormality (as would an EKG would be able to detect). If you can eliminate all of these things, it will go a long way to aid in your diagnosis so that it can be treated properly. I hope this helps you some...ask me if you have any specific questions...