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Re: Graham Cracker?

Originally Posted by LS289
- is it ok to eat breakfast in the morning even if you are not hungry? I ALWAYS eat breakfast (usually 1/2 cup nonfat cottage cheese, 1 cup cereal, and either a banana or an apple cut up), but sometimes I am not hungry at all. Should I still eat it or wait until I get hungry?
Everyone has their own opinion, and you'll have to decide what's right for you. My feeling is that eating regular meals keeps the blood sugar stable. Skipping meals can leave many of us extra hungry when we finally DO eat, leading to eating too many calories in one sitting. On the other hand, some people say that eating when we're not hungry means that we're not listening to our body's signals.

Of course there are people, like my husband, who can't eat early in the morning. He eats his bag lunch starting at around 11:00 at work, eats dinner around 7 or 8 pm, and then eats a snack late at night before he goes to bed. This makes it perfect on the weekends when he sleeps a little later -- he really IS "breaking his fast" not long after he gets up!

My suggestion is to consider how hungry you are at lunch when you skip breakfast. Do you have the opportunity to eat when you first start to feel those hunger pangs? Or must you wait for a specific time for your lunch break? Some people do fine on 2 meals a day, but I need at least 3 to keep my blood sugar stable. And your description of breakfast sounds very similar to mine.