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Exclamation internal anal genital warts, hpv

The following is graphic.

Almost four weeks ago, I felt a bump on my anus in the shower, which I had never noticed before. Since I had no way to see down there, I took a picture of it and looked at it. What I thought was one bump, was actually two clusters of bumps on bumps (maybe 50 small bumps on each), coming radially out of my anus. There was also a small bump on my anus which had a few bumps on it, and it looked like there were some new clusters under the skin which hadn't broken out yet. My whole anus was kind of volcano shaped- risen around the hole, but I wasn't sure if this was normal or not. Please keep in mind, that while it was disturbing to look at close-up, it was small enough such that I hadn't noticed before.

Of course, I freaked out. I guessed it was probably genital warts, and found a doctor that would see me the same morning. She confirmed internal and external genital warts, and said it wasn't very bad. She recommended electro-surgery, and I requested to have it ASAP, which was the next morning. She answered many of my questions, albeit briefly and not as thoroughly as I would have liked. She said that even after I clear the virus, I can get the same strain again, even though to me that seams contradictory to logic and to what I've read. She called me eccentric because I told her I took a picture to see it, and told me to let her deal with it and not worry.

Anyway, I got the surgery the next day. I didn't see her at all after the surgery so I didn't even know how it went, but she eventually told me the internal warts were a bit more extensive than she expected. (I had the exam the day before, so I'm not sure why she didn't expect what she saw.) I wasn't in pain immediately after the surgery, but over the next two weeks, even peeing was excruciating. Taking a ***** put me in an hour of the most agonizing pain I've ever experienced. I could not function over these two weeks.

I returned to the doctor two weeks after my initial checkup (one day less than two weeks of my surgery). She checked me and determined that I still had a few external warts and that they could be treated with acid once every 2-3 weeks. I asked why they were still there, and she said it is difficult to see where they are and aren't. (I wonder if she knew that using acetic acid makes them very easy to see.)

Anyway, she continued to answer my questions by saying to let her take care of it, not me. At about this time (still two weeks after surgery), I took another picture, and the warts were definitely returning. So, I went to another doctor which I researched more thoroughly (good med school, well published, etc.) three weeks after my surgery. I told him that I was unsatisfied with my last doctor, and he immediately became defensive (not vocally, just cautious of his answers). The only useful information that he gave me was that he did not understand why the warts returned so quickly. He asked me if she only treated the internal warts (to explain the external ones), but I replied in the negative. I did not know why I had internal warts already. He wouldn't comment at all what the recurrence indicated about my health or about the previous surgeons job. He suggested that he treat me surgically again. I am concerned about having surgery so soon. I'm especially concerned why they are growing so fast. Because finals are approaching, I asked how he expects them to change in the next three or so weeks, and he said not much, but maybe they would increase a little in size. However, I just took a picture just five days following the one I took prior to visiting the second doctor, and they are much larger and more numerous, almost to the size they were initially, although without the volcano-like swelling as before. Also, the second doctor said that the warts *never* resolve on their own, saying that whatever I read was probably written by a nurse (although it was actually written by research scientists).

So, I want to know if my situation is at all typical. I am an otherwise very healthy man in my early twenties. I also want to know why the treatment was so ineffective and why they are growing so quickly. I want to know if there is anything else to worry about. For example, since both HPV and herpes are common and spread similarly, is it likely that I have herpes internally? Is the fast growth due to an immune system which is somehow compromised, perhaps by a local herpes or HIV infection (although I tested negative for HIV one week before my HPV diagnosis)?

Thanks for your help. I'm terribly worried.

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