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Re: mild asperger's/ autism or just lack of social skills?

Hey, you sound just like me for the most part. I don't think it's anything to worry about. I was wondering the same thing for a while, but my psychiatrist said that I'm not autistic at all--if anything, a little OCD. (Trying to overanalyze everything, lol.) He brushed me off to a counselor. So, if it's something that is really affecting your life and functioning, get with a psych and let him evaluate you--but I don't think you have Aspergers, gathering from the info in your post. I'm also an introvert and had a hard time learning to be friendly, growing up, like you mentioned. I'm finding out there's nothing WRONG with that, but it makes things a bit difficult in a world full of extraverts. So, I guess the only options for us are to either learn to deal with them or avoid them. Anyhow, chill, girl!