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Re: mild asperger's/ autism or just lack of social skills?

I haven't taken that test, but yes, I do think part of my difficulty speaking is due to being an introvert. I read an article once with research that said extroverts rely more on their short-term memory, which is more accessible when they're talking, and introverts use long-term memory, so you end up taking longer to think because you have more to process through, so that might explain why we can't just talk off the top of our heads. Here's an article about it: [url][/url]

I don't think there's anything "wrong" with me now, I did when I was younger because of the way I was treated. People still seem to judge me for it, most people I run into are extroverts so I have a hard time avoiding them, and if I knew how to deal with them that would be great. It is something that seriously affects my life, I've never had a boyfriend and right now I don't even have friends. I agree I probably don't have what would be diagnosed as Asperger's or autism but for me it goes beyond just my personality. I'm just trying to figure out why certain things are so difficult for me.