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Re: mild asperger's/ autism or just lack of social skills?

My daughter is 15 and diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder and ADHD. She is more verbal that me but her disorder is way more severe than mine in ways. I have both of her disorders. You sound alot like me but mine has been my entire life. For example, today I was on the bus and to younger ladies were talking about child birth and they knew I was older, I'm 45. So I told them my stories of having 4 children which were pretty frightening. Anyways, the one lady basically told me I scared the girl that was pregnant to death. Well, they asked and I told them.
I know I lack common sense, judgement but I don't know what I'm saying wrong so I try not to worry about people getting angry. I'll never fit in their crowd or anyone else's crowd. I have my own beliefs and won't conform to another's just to make them happy. So there you go. I have no friends but I have my children and that's how I make it day to day. I couldn't even have a husband as i picked 3 bad ones and divorced 3 times. Yep, I have been told I am gifted in writting, my other daughter is gifted in music. Another daughter had some of the same characteristics. And don't worry about the OCD characteristics because it is part of the autism spectrum. People hear OCD and they turn away but we don't have full blown OCD. I always played by myself and still do things by myself. I'm talkative at times, and when I am, everyone starts questioning about me. When I was little, it was a horrible lonely world and no one knew I had a problem, but I knew something was wrong.