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Any ideas on my son?


My 7 year old son has been having many issues since he was at least a toddler. He is a very honest and disiplined child. Here are the things that bother us, and we are not sure what is happening with him:

- Has little to no imagination. He has a hard time understanding other children when they are playing with things such as Hot wheels, stuffed animals and the such. The only thing he enjoys playing is anything with a ball.

- Has very bad coordination. He can't understand the difference between clapping fast or slow. Jumping Jacks are too difficult for him to do.

- Does not understand music. No ability or drive to dance like an average child. He gets frustrated with this because his 2 yr sister dances and he can't.

- He takes extremely long periods to accomplish his homework. The majority of the children in his class take 15-20 min, and he averages 3.5 -4 hours to the same amount. This is with my wife giving him a proper studying enviroment and helping him alot.

- He learns some things only if put under extreme pressure from us. IE: For 2 years we could not get him to understand which shoe went on which foot, no matter how many different ways we tried to teach it, he never gets any better. When he was 5, I had enough and put him under alot of pressure by punishments and he learned it in 2 hours. This has happened with many things, enough so that it is a noticable trend.

- Has a hard time putting his thoughts into words. IE, when my wife asked him what he enjoyed doing (for a writing assisgnment), he had no answer. No matter how many questions my wife would ask he could not answer anything, except by taking my wife's idea, but with no ability to expand on it.

- Most of his problems at the moment are with reading, but especially writing (putting HIS thoughts on paper). No problems with math, actually he is one of the highest in his class.

My wife and I have thought at first that his problems were due to him being a boy and because he is learning two languages in the house (English and Japanese). However, the problems are not improving, they are getting worse. My wife and I are getting extremely exhuasted by his inability to learn simple concepts, helping him 4 hours everyday with his homework, teaching him cooridination, and lack of imagination. Any ideas? Is there something that we can do for him?


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