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Re: Any ideas on my son?

All I can say is that I was born with a non-verbal learning disablity, which as a child my parents tell me i had some of the some problms your son is facing. I could bear get my shoes on the right feet and didnt not learn to tie then until late grade 3. Homework that i should have been able to do in 20 mintues was done in a few hours.
It would be my idea not to punish your son for being different but try and understand him as the person he is, don t talk down it him, treat him like an adilet. He see s the world in a totally different way then you do and you will never totally understand how he see things.
Watch the way he acts around other children dose him seem to be the outsider and picked on? If so work with him at home and check into a resource program at his school. Role play different social sitution with him.
people with non verbal have troble with math,spelling, time management etc. so i want try and get him tested by a docter, go with a list of question if you dont ask they won't tell you.
Hope this helpes and dose not offend you in any way