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Re: 17 year old female with a chin hair????????

Unfortunately, once a hair folicle gets a taste of a male hormone, it will never stop growing, but if indeed you do have too many male hormones, it will slow the growth of the hair down and it will be more manageable. Also, my periods aren't bad at all now.
Is that true??!! So if you have dark hairs they will always be dark?

I have a question. I'm not sure if I should start another discussion or not so I'll just ask here. Does the hair problem decrease at ALL if you lose weight? I've read that being overweight produces certain hormones that cause hair growth. So does that change if you lose weight? I'm fat (blah) and have started noticing more and more hair where I don't want it! Especially on my face and I have noticed more and more 'stray' hairs on my upper back which totally makes me feel like some kind of freak! I'm too embarrassed to even go to the doctor to ask them what's up with me. I started nairing and shaving my face when I was around 15 because I had what I thought was too much facial hair. Now I realize that what I had then was normal and I'm so mad at myself. Did the hair on my face start growing back darker and thicker because I shaved or because I have some hormone imbalance?

*I should note that I'm 19 now.

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