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Is this a palpitation?

Hi, i am a 15 year old male who lately has been noticing my high heart rate, when im sitting down my heart rate is usually 80-100bpm, but when i stand it shoots up to around 110-130, i went to the doctor about this and he requested chest X-rays and a holter monitor, chest x-rays came out ok but im still awaiting the holter monitor results. The past few days i have been getting this odd sensation in my chest every now and then, its not a pain but it feels like my heart is comming out of my chest for a second. Also somthing that scares me is my heart beats so hard during the day, when i put my hand on my chest i can feel it easily, but at night when im going to sleep and i put my hand on my chest i can feel very little, even when im laying on my stoamche. Also, sometimes when i stand my heart beats so fast that i begin to feel lightheaded. I never really put much thought into my heart until about 6 weeks ago when i experimented with adderall, it made me very sick, gave me arrythmia. Needless to say i havent touched any drug since then. ANyone have an idea what this could be? it's really been worrying me ever since, sometimes i feel like i dont even want to go to sleep because im afraid my heart will quit beating or somthing.

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