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Re: Obesity and appearance issues .. Not your average teenage girl.

well if you're excercising and eating like you say you are, theres no reason why you shouldnt be losing the weight.
although excercising for 3 hours a day is way too excessive in my view, seriously. if you're doing that 7 days a week then its probabaly doing you more harm than good because you're not gettin time to recover, and thats one of the most important things when excercising. what do you do for your excercise? to get maximum weightloss you should be aiming to go jogging regularly (5 times a week) for at least 20 minutes, and then doing some resistance training (weights) 3 non consecutive days a week to boost your metabolism.
if you do this, and eat small, healthy balanced meals like you say you are doing then the weight should come off eventually.
if not then maybe its time to see a doctor, because there could be some other reason thats making you gain.

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