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Re: Any ideas on my son?

I this is my first time reading this board, and your son's problems are very similar to the students at the private school that I work for. Our school specializes in students with what we call "learning differences" rather than disablilties. I cannot emplasize enough the need for EARLY INTERVENTION. You say your son in only 7? Our school works with junior high and high school kids, and I applaud you for starting at an early age to help your son; rather than when he is in higher grades and his differences really effect his self-esteem. As he gets older, peer pressure will exerbate learning problems. Often behavioral challenges come into play as kids learn that it's more socially acceptable to act out in school than for his learning challenges to be known to his peers. Behavioral problems become a coping mechanism for children with learning difficulties to mask thier disabilities from thier peers. By that time (as is the case with many of the students I work with) the behavioral challenges further interupt the learning process. The student gets farther and farther behind, and more and more overwhelmed, to where they feel as if they will never be able to learn. Please find a psychologist who can help you. The best place to start is with your regular pediatrition. Tell him what you are noticing about your son, and ask for recommendations for a therapist. I don't know, but from your brief description, he exhibits characteristics of "Aspergers Syndrome" and can be helped with regular therapy. Please talk to your child's doctor, the school educational specialists are not enough. Your son needs to have his learning challenges diagnosed by a professional therapist so a proper learning plan can be put in place. Best of luck, you must be terrific parents to be seeking intervention now, rather than just passing it off as a "phase" he is going through. With such caring and concerned parents as his support, he will do very well to overcome whatever challenges he may face.

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