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Scared it may be an STD?? HELP, PLEASE !!!

I started haveing really itchy skin on my legs, inner thigh, butt, under my arms, and on my chest & waisteline area. There wasn't a rash or anything, my skin just itched which cause a few little red bumps appear where the scratched area is. They fade out if I don't scratch them, but my skin itches everyday. Well, I started bathing in Aveeno Bath Soothing Oatmeal Formula, and it eases it sometimes for a few hours then starts itching again. Then, 2 weeks later after the initial itching, I got a red bump on the foreskin shaft of my penis. It wasn't painful just a little itchy & kept getting dry & flaky, so When I put Moisterizer on it, it would kinda burn. So today, I have Itchy skin all over, kinda has the same feeling as a mild case of chiggers or something, ya know..and my penis still has a few red spots on the shaft & seems sensitive sometimes & burns after applying moisterizer, Still itches on occasion. Sometimes my skin will itch badly in a certain spot then it'll fade sometimes that same day, then it'll itch bad in a different spot. Can't figure it out. I've used LANACANE / Oatmeal baths, and Moisterizers, but it's still putting me into misery & scare. The bumps on my penis don't really have a head. they're just red, kinda itchy sometimes & sensitive...SCrotum itches slightly on occasion...PLEASE DOCTOR, SOMEBODY, ENLIGHTEN ME, PLEASE !!!

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