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Rosacea and IPL

I've been thinking about getting the Intense Pulsed Light treatments for my rosacea. I've tried Metro-Gel and Nor-Itate with no success, and my dr. doesn't want to put me on antibiotics for a long period of time.

I've had a little redness on my face as long as I can remember, but in the past several years, it's gotten worse and it's much more persistent. Even if I avoid the triggers for me (chocolate, red wine, strenuous exercise, etc) - I still have ghastly redness.

Looking at my dad and brother (who always look like they've been burnt to a crisp), I can see myself progressing down the same road. As it is, it already looks like I've got a pretty decent sunburn year-round. I've been able to keep the lumps and bumps at bay with some good skin care products, but the redness is getting out of control.

I know the cost of IPL is fairly steep (at least in regards to my budget), and I know my insurance won't cover it. But I've been thinking of using my Flexible Spending Account to pay for it. The verbage in what they cover is fairly ambiguous, and when I called them, they responded with "it (IPL) should be approved". So basically, I can stick a big chunk of change in my FSA and see what happens (and risk losing it if they choose to deny it).

Has anyone successfully used an FSA to pay for rosacea treatment?

Any help would be great.


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