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Badboy, so you're a Cassanova on AOL but can't barely get a word out when in person, eh? I believe that if you look at this problem you will note that its the "confrontation" aspect of the conversations that causes you to become shy. One of the hardest things to do in life is look someone in the eye and tell them what you are thinking. Your feelings are completely normal and completely natural.

The problem is that you feel this is some kind of a character flaw and its holding your life back. This may upset you but when you get flustered about this situation, will it not just serve to make you even more nervous about it the next time out? So what you have to do is break the endless loop of dispair and I'll show you how...

Ever notice that you only seem to get really shy around the prettiest girls and don't hardly feel a thing when you talk to the average looking girls? Why is that? Could it be because you don't care what the average looking girls think of you? Since you really don't think they are very pretty why should you care what they think about you, right? So you find it pretty easy to relax and be comfortable around them because you don't fear being judged! That is the key, my man...What you gotta do is practice your "routine" with girls that you don't even consider that attractive. This will allow you to make every mistake in the world and not even care about what happens until you get really good at it. The better you feel about yourself and your approach, the easier it will be to talk to many different girls.

So, you start off working on your game with a girl who is a 5 or 6 and get really good at it and learn what works for you. Then you work your way up slowly to going out with 7's...then 8's...and so on. Like anything in life, it takes a lot of practice to get good. The better you are at talking to woman, the better your chances of landing that true 10 you've been slobbering over for the past year!

Remember that it doesn't come natural to everyone right can take some time to overcome this. The best thing to do is start off small and work your way up. Hey, at least you'll be talking to some girls instead of sitting home wishing you had a date, right? When you get good at it, you'll wonder why you didn't think of this yourself

By the way, its a BIG NO-NO to go around telling girls that you like them...who are these friends of yours and where did they learn their game?? Never tell the girl ANYTHING about how you feel about her at first...your job is to ask them out and show them a good time. When the girl likes you, she'll let you know it. Pay attention to things like when she twirls her hair, when she stares deep into your eyes, and when she touches your hand or arm...these are dead giveaways. Sometimes girls may just come out and say that they like you, but don't count on that...if she has to say something, it usually means that you didn't pick up her her like a hawk!

Now go out into the world my son and remember what I taught you.