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Re: Ortho Spine Doctor Visit


Why do you have to accept pain the rest of your life? I have the 10 level fusion, had
severe stenosis, spondy, and more things than you listed. Yes, my fusion takes in part of the Thorasic, all the lumbar and through S-3. I don't have to deal with ton's of scar tissue as my doc always uses the Adcon-L to ensure inhibition of massive internal scar tissue and when he operates, he moves any formed tissue he can. What specifically is causing you so much pain? Is it the scar tissue? Is your doc a spine specialist?

I hope the blocks can give you relief, but it never hurts to get other opinions, even if you have a great doc. You know, one person cannot know everything, and even a great doc can not be up on one tiny technique that might help you. I love my spine specialist as he has done a super fantastic job at keeping me walking and reducing my pain, but I don't hesitate to get second opinions when we talk surgery. I'd do the same if having problems that weren't responiding, but fortunately that's not the case. I won't say that I don't have pain, but I have days that are pain free, some with little pain and others not so great, but at least even on the bad days, with my pain patches and the Ultram I have a fairly good day. I hope you can somehow have many pain free days ahead as well. Please keep exploring options and opinions, even while you try avenues your doc recommends.