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Re: This Just Isn't Right!!!!!!

Hi Tamara,

I know this is hard. In fact, sometimes it really stinks. Whoever said that pregnancy is a "glowing" time must have either been a liar or have been referring to the beads of sweat across our brows as we come up for air after throwing up!

I actually remember your first posts on this web site when you first found out you are preggers. You were pretty psyched. This is still the same little baby that caused you to feel so good. Only now, you feel like crap. You are not alone. There are so many ups and downs. Be kind to yourself. Set little goals each day. Who cares if the laundry is not finished? Hey, if everyone has all the important parts of their bodies covered up so as not to get arrested, then you are doing just fine!

Hang in there. Keep writing.