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Re: This Just Isn't Right!!!!!!

Tamara, I would love to say that being pg is the best thing. But after morning sickness ends there is always something that will take its place. I am not trying to depress you more. But I had not planned on this pregnancy and I never had no desire in my life to be pg. When I just found out I was pg I was all down and out. Then came morning sickness, followed by weight gain, bloody noses, no energy, being extremmly tired, HORMONES, bust went up 2 cup sizes, back pain, etc. I have hated every minute of this being pg stuff but in the end I love that little baby in me so much. I can't wait till he gets here. I have so much getting ready for him and I pray every day he comes out okay. I don't think I ever want to be pg again. But you know what I have a feeling when he gets here, I may be tempted into doing it all over again!!!