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Re: acnose cream, sugar scrub, and calamine lotion with antihistamine, ITS WORKING


no the calamine lotion doesnt flake during the day.. just dont out it on thick, or it stars to peel. if you just lightly put a layer on it stays put.

The derm recommended calamine with anti-h, so i thinik its probably better to use it with antihistamine in it.

The ingredients for the acnose cream :

caprylic/capric triglyceride,
coco caprytate/caprate,
glyceryl stearate,
Cethyl Alcohol,
Glyceryl Cocoate,

I dont know what half the stuff is, but its working

I just know, that sugar is suppose to be good for acne. My derm told me they have a laser that uses something from sugarcane, so sugar must be good.

As for cetaphil, i prefer the oily skin cleanser because i dont think the gentle cleanser one gets rid of all the dirt and makeup, but the oily skin one does a better job. PLus i have oily skin so it helps control it better

Hope this helps!