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The flutter is a device that you blow in, it looks like an oversized bubblepipe. It's got a big metal ball in it, and when you blow into it, it is suppose to cause internal vibrations in the lungs. You also have to hold it just right, otherwise it just doesn't do the trick. We were in a three year study, and unfortunately we drew the flutter. We had to drop out of the study and go back to mechanical percussion. The nurse up at the Med Center told me alot of people dropped out that used the flutter. I think younger people have a hard time using it right, and that is why it is not as effective.

As for the vest, we are in the 30 day free trial period. I called Tricare and they said this is something that they normally cover. So they told me to have the doc submit a letter and medical documentation. So I have started that process. The vest costs $16,000, but if it cuts out even 1 hospital stay it will have paid for itself.