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Re: Roll-A-Bout v. Crutches

Hi GG--I'm 6 weeks post-op on my second nwb surgery. I've used a roll-a-bout for both surgeries and it has kept me sane (barely at times). It does give you one free hand to carry things and allows your more mobility and less exertion than crutches. You will be tired after surgery and the roll-a-bout takes much less effort. There is another similar contraption called roller aid that I believe Joll43 is going to rent.

After 14 weeks this year on the roll-a-bout (surgeries back to back), I can get around on it very well. I bought mine on ebay since I needed it for two surgeries. The rental in my area (west coast) is about $30/week. You can rent from the manufacturer (they have a web site) or a local hospital supply store. I'm hoping for the okay to be pwb (partial weight bearing) later this week so I can start weaning myself off the scooter!!!!!!

Good luck and keep in touch,

In the archives is a wonderful list of things to do to help with surgery preparation. I'll see if I can find it and bring it back up to the top.