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Re: Roll-A-Bout v. Crutches

I can only share my experience with crutches.I have been on crutches on and off since Jan 7th.Actually full time since April 4th.I now wish I had rented a rolling device of some sort.Crutches are very tiring! Not to mention the hurting of your back,hip and leg.I have since found out from these boards that there is a name for people that suffer from using crutches.It is called crutch-hip.Another down side from using crutches is that you are unable to carry anything unless you become creative which I have learned to be.I stick everything that I need in my pockets in a plastic bag with handles and even in my bra. LOL Just make sure if you need to carry a drink you have a cover on it.
So if your question is...... crutches vs. roller device???? I'm for the roller device.If I had to do it all over again(which I pray to God every night that I won't)and I could afford to rent one, that's the way to go.
Good luck and keep in touch with us here.