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Re: Chest/Heart Pain

Hey Andrew,

Your resting heart rate of 80 is perhaps slightly high but many people have heart rates of 80+ bpms.

Smoking is a major cause of increased heart rate and so is worry.

The average can fall anywhere between 60 and 100. I think 72 is about the ideal rate but this all depends on each and every person. Fit people may be as low as 40-50 bpm and i have read loads of posts from people whose heart rate is in the 90's and 100's who DONT have anything wrong with them.

Willdo's comment about "congenital heart defect" seems slightly extreme to me so dont worry yourself over this. There a million and 1 things it could be!

Go to a PROPER doctor and get it checked out. "Congenital" means present at or before birth - as you are 17 i seriously doubt it would have gone unnoticed for so long. I am not a doctor though and as far as im aware, nobody else on this board is qualified to give a guessed diagnosis against a four line post.

Sorry if this sounds bitchy but i cant see the point in needlessly worrying someone by randomly posting a condition. People come to these boards for help, advice and reassurance, not copied text from internet searches and guessed diagnosis.

Thanks/Sorry/Good Luck.