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Re: prenatals

I never took prenatals with either of my pregnancies. They didn't make me sick, but they made me horribly constipated. I am one of those people who don't need a hefty iron supplement. I too took flintstones and folic acid in the first trimester. My iron levels were better while I was PG than most women's are not PG. I never even took my postpartum iron supplements (my docs kept harping on me for this, so I never mentioned it) and my level was a 13.5 last time it was checked. I think some women don't need them, and baby can definitely be okay with proper diet.

I have a friend who's father is a nutritional scientist in Europe. Apparently it's a big joke there that "Americans have the world's healthiest urine." They say this because we are so supplement crazed that we take way more than our bodies need, so it is excreted as waste in the urine and very obvious when tested. LOL.
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