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Re: Chest/Heart Pain

Andrew, It could be alot of things and hopefully you will get checked out. Smoking will kill you, you should quit but i doubt that the actual pain you describe around your heart area is the effects of the smoking at such a young age. The resting heat rate really isin't that bad but you don't mention any other side effects you may have with this that may make a difference. Could be anxiety but i am not sure how much actual chest pain a person has with anxiety alone. I have what i call heart pain and i would just tell them that my heart hurt. Is very hard to explain but at times it would feel like someone was squeezing my heart or like i had a ton of bricks on my chest at other times but it was always the same area. I noticed that willdo suggested possibly a CHD and i wouldn't rule that out even if it is 1 in a million (which it isn't) as i am 41 and just diagnosed with a CHD although i have had symptoms for about 10 years and many more than the two you mention. Thats why i wondered if you were having any other symptoms. The types of CHD that are usually gone unoticed would be first an Atrial septal defect and it is the most common, it is a hole in the atrium (upper chamber). Apparantly this can go unoticed till your 41 but notwithout some damage usually. They said most of the time it presents in early 20's maybe 30's or school age and the child may notice shortness of breath during activites. For women they may have problems with pregnacy and be diagnosed at that time. This type of CHD is not usually detected a birth unless it is extremly large or there is other involement. Mine is 2.5cm and is considered to be medium to large. There is a criteria for closure of these holes but mine is big enough and am waiting for repair. They said that the right side of the heart has less to do, kinda like a holding chamber and therefore you can go a long time without detection. The other type of CHD is a Ventricle septal defect which a hole in the lower chamber and i believe it is less likely this would go undiagnosed because of the area involved and i believe it would produce more symptoms at a youger age, if not at birth. It certainly would be a long shot to suspect a CHD but not unreasnable. Some cardiac testing would be needed to check the pain you complain about or any other heart symptoms you haven't mentioned. To rule out any other cardiac issues. Don't just settle for the anxiety diagnosis without ruling out other medical causes first. I waited out the anxiety diagnosis for about 8 years and finally got a simple chest xray done when i told them i couldn't stand the pain in my chest. Doc thought i had a cold but i really had a hugely enlarged heart. Needs to be looked at either way. good luck