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Hi Emily
I felt pretty bad on the low carbs too. I guess my body just needs them sometimes. I'm having sucess just cutting out all the crap I used to eat (french fries, anything with sugar in it(all those store bought juices and drinks), too much meat,anything refined, cheezies: yes there is life after cheezies) and replacing them with fruit and veges. Replacing butter with olive oil.
Breakfast, low or no fat yoghurt, with fruit and Bran Buds with psyllium..(in the yoghurt).(Has more fibre and less carbs than any other fibre source I can find)(I'm a big advocate of fibre and can't figure out how you can get enough fibre on low carb diets)
Lunch - big Greek Salad, my rendition with mushrooms, green and red and yellow peppers,tomatoes, onion, cuke, (whatever is in the fridge) olive oil, spices, and feta cheese.Maybe some salmon or eggs. Maybe some sesame, pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Some Spinach.
Snacks: fruit or veges.
Supper - more vegies and fish or chicken.
Lots of water and green tea.
Seems to be working for me.
I'll have potatoes once in a while. Careful on the butter.
If I feel I need a carb fix I'll have lunch or supper in a whole wheat wrap. Or a piece of rye bread.
Really boring diet sometimes(no cheezies!, no french fries! at least I don't have a chocolate fetish), but I have lost weight and I feel good. Having the right dose of thyroid meds helps. I take mine at night because of the yoghurt in the morning and the calcium and thyroid med thing. I don't know if would make a difference or not.
I think just cutting out all the junk food and getting our stomachs to shrink is a big thing. I haven't been exercising much either as my knees hurt from working and I broke my arm.(what a mess) And I still lost weight. So when I start work again I may need more carbs. I think the idea of eating 6 times a day has merit. Eat more small portions and your stomach will shrink.
I'm kind of an advocate of the Mediterranean diet. They have lots of carbs in their diet but usually with olive oil. Apparently the olive oil mixed with the carbs makes your body treat the carbs differently than a sugar. (I'll find that link one of these days)
Your body needs fat too, hence the olive oil and fish oils. The Mediterranean diet is 60%carbs, 30%fat, and 10%protein. And they are the healthiest people in the world.
When I've lost the weight I want then I'll add more carbs, (breads,pastas and rice etc.) Then the diet won't be as boring. I don't have a lot to lose tho, maybe another 10 lbs or so. I've lost maybe 10-15 lbs. so far in a couple of months. I don't have a scale so I don't know for sure, but my clothes fit better now.
Hope this helps.
If you've made it this far:
Just go with your body. If you feel awful then you need something else. Peoples needs are different. Maybe you just weren't eating enough? I tried tossed salads and lettuce sure doesn't cut it for me. Have to have Greek salads.