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I definately would not use Xenadrine. You will gain it all back, I PROMISE. You could take creatine though. I would definately do cardio. YOu will lose a little muscle mass at first but if you are eating healthy you will gain your strength back twice as much. If you want to cut like 70 lbs. you are gonna have to work your a** off. It is not that easy and don't go the easy way out and take that stupid crap to lose weight, it does not work. It takes water weight off, not fat. I don't know why people think that way. They are too lazy is why. You need to talk with a football coach or something and get on a serious workout schedule. You should jog like 4 times a week in the mornings and lift in the evenings. I would talk to someone though. I could write all day that you need to change. Good luck.