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Re: im not shure where this fits in but...

Originally Posted by SammyT
im not shure where to post this, but i am now gaining weight and i am eatign healthy foods. well, u all know i am recovering from an eating disorder and lost alot of weight. well i lost my boobsand am now flat chested. they used to be bigger than all the other gurls in my class, but now they get to wear really nice bras and shirts and i cant and am still stuck in the kids section. do u think if i continue gaining weight, they will come back, or am i stuck flat chested foever?

sorry this never really had to do with food, but i dunno where to post it!

Yes, I think that if you eat more and gain weight that they should return to normal, but that's just my opinion.
And, OHMYGOSH, Sammy, I used to feel the SAME way except that this wasn't related to an ED and BTW, I'm glad to see that your recovering. I'm now 29, but when I was in 8th grade(14y/o), I used to get dressed in the bathroom because I was the ONLY one who wore a training bra. EVERYGIRL in that class(which was a catholic school that only had 6 girls in the class) had their periods(I didn't YET) and bigger breasts. I was so embarassed, and none of the boys liked me(lol) because they were interested in the more developed girls, and I used to be called flat chested. Could you beleive that, in a catholic school lol! I HATED it. Don't worry, because I look at it like this, looking natural is more appealing and I don't want to be an object of sexual attratction with my body. I learned that I'm more content when a guy is interested in ME and my face, not my underdeveloped(still VERY small breasts) body.LOL I do think that eating more and gaining weight will make a difference though.

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