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Re: Acrylic Nail Question - Help

Originally Posted by CAIJ
Has anyone heard of having a light coat of acrylic put on your natural nails to make them stronger and so the polish lasts longer without chipping? Would that ruin your natural nails or give them a chance to grow under the acrylic? Any other ideas on making polish stay on. I have tried many topcoats and none of them work.

I think whether you choose to have a "light coat" of acrylic or a thick coat, the process is the same and the end result is the same -- you have acrylic nails -- strong, resiliant, and a polished look that typically does not fade, chip or peel on its own.

I have had acrylic nails for about 20 YEARS.

I have never had a fungus.
I have never had an infection.
I have had only two or three breaks which caused great pain.
In the last ten years, I've only had one or two broken nails a year.
In the last ten years, I've had only two or three nails "lift"--total.

I get them taken care of regularly, so they don't have a chance to turn yellow.

YES, when I have removed them (about four times in 20 years), the underlying fingernail is very weak. Nails are like hair. If you color or damage your hair, the only way to see beautiful, NEW hair is to wait for it to grow out.

When you remove acrylic nails, your nails should not be ruined forever. The nail beneath the acrylic will be weak and thin -- as would any material that was ground down to encourage adhesion of the acrylic. How long it takes is different for everybody, but when a brand NEW nail has had the time to grow completely out, you should not be able to tell that you ever had acrylic nails. At least that has been my experience and what I have also seen in others.

I find it odd when people say their nails were ruined forever. That would take a lot of damage to the deep nail bed tissue -- and would be presumably extremely painful. Ouch!!